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All birthday parties must be booked in advanced. We do not offer walk-in parties at this time. No food from outside the mall is allowed unless you have booked a birthday party. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Birthday Parties!

How does this compare to renting an inflatable at my home or at the park? Or other party places?

Inflatable Rental Cost

1 Obstacle Course ($210-$449 to rent from competitors at your home/park)

1 Double Slide ($200-$329 to rent from competitors at your home/ park)

2 Combos$160-$200 each to rent from competitors at your home/ park)

For all inflatables outdoors for a 2 hour party the cost would be $365-$589 plus tax or the minimum four hours for outdoor rentals of $730-$1178 from competitors at your home/park)

Peter Piper

8 Guests $80-$96/ 24 Guests $240-$289 vs Jump N Play with unlimited play at no additional cost and bring in your own yummy food!

Lights Out 

8 Guests $79/ 24 Guests $237 includes paying per adult and child vs Jump N Play only charges by child group size/ per child. Adults are free!


We are located in a public mall with an abundance of parking

These comparisons are here to show that we offer competitive and comparable  pricing to other local businesses.